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It's the short-form review column. Not as many words, just as much review!
Series writer Nick Spencer and Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso talk about Scott Lang's tightrope walk to heroism, the legacy of the Ant-Man name...
It's the Amazing Spider-Man vs. the Superior Spider-Man in this exclusive preview of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #11, chapter 3 of Spider-Verse.
Check out pages from Marvel's new one-shot bringing attention towards their anti-bullying campaign.
While the superhero teams might be getting the spotlight this week, we look at the best bad guy supergroups in comic history
We have a slew of first issues, plus Chew #45 reviewed for you in our zero day column.
We talk with Brett Dalton about his character, Grant Ward, and what's to come for the complex traitor as Season 2 hits the halfway point.
Check out a couple of new first look images and a couple of lettered preview pages from Marvel's unlikely January debut.
Square-Enix and Disney's mash-up action RPG could add some pretty significant characters to the next iteration.
The artist’s artist talks about the nuts and bolts of Cap, the uniqueness of the suit, and tips from Katsuhiro Otomo on drawing animals.
The first Marvel Comics produced new Miracleman material is coming and we have the first look here.
Executive Producer Jeff Bell gives us some major teases on what's coming in the last two episodes of the first half of Season 2 and beyond.
Starlin pits his Mad Titan against HULK – his favorite superhero growing up.
Enjoy this preview of next week's Death of Wolverine: The Weapon X Program #3 from Marvel on Thanksgiving Day.
Enjoy a preview of next week's AXIS: REVOLUTIONS #3 on this Thanksgiving day.
It was NOT a "petty statement" about the film, tweeted the comic book writer responsible for the scene some fans are interpreting as Marvel Comics ...
Take a look at some of today's biggest releases with the Best Shots crew.