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The Best Shots review team takes short looks at Marvel, DC, and more comics out this week.
Marvel says this SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN ANNUAL #1 preview "counts." Do you believe them? Here's an exclusive preview either which way.
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After 'Killable' Wolverine is left weary and wounded – but with something to prove.
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In a new interview, Robinson & artist Leonard Kirk talk about their plan to chronicle “the fall and the rise of the Fantastic Four.”
Mutantkind's 'Dirty-tricks division' says Spurrier of the Cable-led team.
After a false start around NY Comic Con, Marvel has finally revealed details of James Robinson & Leonard Kirk's All-New Marvel NOW! FF.
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Senior Editor Nick Lowe talks about X-Men’s founding five, space adventures, and Jean Grey’s dark destiny.
Can Asgard’s black sheep turn into its white knight? And how does Thor die in issue one?
The four series and mini-series of DEFENDERS were only just announced, but here are some things we hope to see in the series.
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Marvel Senior Editor Nick Lowe shares exclusive art for these new costume designs.
The WINGS and STUDIO 60 star talks about voicing Norman Osborn and what superhero role he’d love to play.
Incoming series writer Gerry Duggan talks about Nova, Beta Ray Bill and the fallen Richard Rider!
What does the Marvel/Netflix TV deal mean for the future of Marvel, DC, and comics in general? We ask the ten biggest questions here.
Take a look at the quick reviews of this week's biggest releases, from Pak's first Action Comics to the return of Nightcrawler and more.