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Freelance artist Mitch Gerads, currently the colorist on STARBORN, talks his career and artistic approach
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The writer of INCREDIBLE HULKS talks at length on his film and improv background, how his career has evolved and much more
Novelist Chris Roberson has become comic writer Chris Roberson, and David Pepose sits down with him for the 10th edition of Writer's Workshop.
The latest process piece column talks in-depth with DV8 artist REBEKAH ISAACS on her background, method and design
If you look up "Prolific in 2010," chances are you'll see Joe Caramagna's name. Then you might say "Who?" and we'll answer that question here!
This week we have a crossover between Writer's Workshop and Artist's Alley as Scott Morse takes the center stage.
Writer's Workshop is back with an in-depth interview with THE SIXTH GUN's Cullen Bunn on his process and influences
Learn about J.H. Williams III's process in both art and writing, plus see the first <i>exclusive</i> finished art from Batwoman #0!
The third of our process columns debuts with Steve Wands, letterer of American Vampire, Green Lantern Corps, and more.
We sat down for a lengthy chat with award-winning writer Kieron Gillen about his process and where it takes him
In the latest Artist's Alley we chat with Kate Glasheen about her unique style and how she came about it
A consummate goofball, writer Fred Van Lente stops by the Writer's Workshop to share his process
The colorist of PILOT SEASON: STELLAR and THE DARKNESS: FOUR HORSEMEN chats with Newsarama about his background and process
Declan Shalvey went from 28 DAYS LATER to THUNDERBOLTS, here he talks with Newsarama about method, influences and mood
With a passion for writing that began at an early age, the DC, Dynamite, and more writer Eric Trautmann is the perfect subject for our next Writer'...