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Jason Aaron & Kieron Gillen talk about the upcoming crossover event where Luke, Leia, Han & The Rebellion corner Darth Vader on his own, and attack.
Jason Aaron & Simone Bianchi do a one-off issue focusing on Obi-Wan Kenobi living on Tatooine while Luke Skywalker was a child.
The team behind SOUTHERN BASTARDS to donate proceeds from variant cover issue to Charleston shooting victims.
Marvel adds a DOCTOR STRANGE series by Jason Aaron and Chris Bachalo to "All-New All-Different Marvel" line-up.
FX has optioned Jason Aaron and Jason Latour's SOUTHERN BASTARDS for television.
A first look inside Jason Aaron and Mike Del Mundo's WEIRDWORLD #1.
After news earlier that artist John Cassaday's run on STAR WARS ends with June's #6, comics veteran Stuart Immonen announced to take over with #7 i...
Marvel announces THORS title by Jason Aaron and Chris Sprouse set in SECRET WARS' Battleworld.
Marvel's editor-in-chief Axel Alonso, writer Jason Aaron and editor Jordan D. White talk about the new comic series.
George takes an early look at Thor #1 and sees a lot of promise in the new Goddess of Thunder.
Aaron discusses next week’s finale and things he wishes he could have done more of in Original Sin.
Primary STAR WARS series and solo books for DARTH VADER and PRINCESS LEIA, to be done by top-tier Marvel talent.
Previews tease a prime suspect in Watcher's murder and dissension in the hero ranks!
Jason Latour talks about his work with Jason Aaron on Southern Bastards, their new series from Image Comics.
Aaron, Alonso & Brevoort are on the case in the murder mystery of the Watcher -- and everyone is a suspect.
Jason Aaron talks this week’s THANOS RISING Finale & its Segue Into INFINITY
Jason Aaron and Ed McGuinness are teaming for a new ongoing series, and we talked to Aaron about Nightcrawler and the rest of the cast.
It's quick-take reviews of the debut of SUPERMAN UNCHAINED, the latest from Marvel's THOR: GOD OF THUNDER, the start of "Zero Year" and more.