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Marvel Comics storyline World War Hulks climaxes with Skaar confronting his father, Hulk, in Incredible Hulk #611.
The other son of Hulk comes to Earth, and it will take a lot of might to stop the one with the old power. Writer Greg Pak fills us in.
It's time to ask the Leader once more! The venerable mad genius will be back shortly to answer questions asked in this very thread!
Artist Paul Pelletier talks with Newsarama about Fall of The Hulks and War of Kings at C2E2 in Chicago.
Jeph Loeb talks to Newsarama about all things Hulk at C2E2 in Chicago.
Attention Fools of the world. The Leader is here, and will soon rule you all. Ask your questions now, while you still can
Take a peek at Hulk #20, Incredible Hulk #607, & Incredible Hercules #141, shipping from Marvel Comics on Feb 17, 2010
Hiro-Kala has some huge shoes to fill, and a brother to contend with. How will this Son of Hulk rise up? Scott Reed tells us
Newsarama & New York Comic Con are teaming for a special bi-coastal event featuring the premiere screening of Planet Hulk
Courtesy of Marvel, we have previews of 3 books featuring some of the strongest there is
Marvel DID hold an official panel at LBCC this weekend, but it was a toned down affair, with a couple teases
The Hulk and Son face off against the Juggernaut. We believe the appropriate phrase here is 'nuff said
Mike Avila offer some suggestions as to which genre movies Hollywood should do-over, just like the FF
Newly announced WWH: Alpha writer Jeff Parker & the Hulk Braintrust give us new details on World War Hulks
Writers Greg Pak and Jeph Loeb talk about next year's WORLD WAR HULK event and the 2009 specials that lead into it
The Incredible Hulk is back as a series, and writer Greg Pak talks to Newsarama about the new & returning series
Marvel today released its Q4 2008 and Annual numbers, showing over 100% growth in net revenue and a slight increase in publishing for the quarter
The comic book writer tells us about getting into Marvel's movie continuity in a Marvel.com exclusive digital comic