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It's the big weekly column, evaluating BATGIRL #19, AVENGING SPIDER-MAN #19, SEX #2 and plenty more new releases
Take a look at what our review team thinks of tomorrow's books, today!
Take the idea of SHAZAM, but summon literary greats like Sherlock Holmes and Merlin instead: FIVE GHOSTS.
It's a five-pack of day-of-release reviews: DETECTIVE COMICS #19 (or is it #900?), ALL-NEW X-MEN #10, new MICE TEMPLAR and more
No foolin' the big weekly column takes a look at YOUNG AVENGERS #3, TALON #6, EAST OF WEST #1 and plenty more
With Angela headed to the Marvel Universe, Graeme wonders if there's potential for these 10 characters to move next
Everything you ever wanted to know about Joe Casey's Image series SEX but were afraid to ask.
The SPAWN creator talks to us about last week's news that Angela is coming to the Marvel Universe and AGE OF ULTRON
As Skybound's WITCH DOCTOR wraps up its second mini-series, we talk to Brandon Seifert about the book's future.
He may be shepherding the AVENGERS for Marvel, but Jonathan Hickman has new creator-owned work coming too!
It's a six-pack of day of release reviews, including SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN, JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA, ACTION COMICS and more
James Asmus talks his currently unfolding "apocalyptic buddy comedy" miniseries, THE END TIMES OF BRAM AND BEN
The Best Shots crew looks into the future, as well as a look at the forward-thinking THE PRIVATE EYE.
It's new SAGA, coming next week. Go look at the preview already.
J. Michael Straczynski is back to creator-owned comics with TEN GRAND, drawn by Ben Templesmith.
The big weekly column is headlined by Marvel's big new event, AGE OF ULTRON, plus EARTH 2, HELHIEM and more
Take an early look at some black and white pages from CHIN MUSIC, coming April 2013 from Steve Niles and Tony Harris.
Check out the Best Shots' team's view on new series LOST VEGAS and HELHEIM from Jim McCann and Cullen Bunn!