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IDW has revealed plans and exclusives for their first NYCC - including signings, TRUE BLOOD and Darwyn Cooke's THE OUTFIT
Tuesday afternoon means early looks at this week's comics from the Best Shots team, including TERMINATOR and CHEW
Joe Hill has a set ending for the Locke & Key series w/IDW, but he's just beginning to talk about the TV series in development
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John Rogers, creator of Blue Beetle III and TV's Leverage, is taking on the vaunted D&D franchise for IDW
George Marston takes a look at the third issue of Steve Niles' new IDW series, and finds it a slightly mixed bag
The Best Shots crew has early looks at books from Image, Dynamite, IDW, and more
IDW's 5 Days to Die has a ticking clock on the story; Andy Schmidt comes by to explain
An Invisible Man for an all-new generation; Mike San Giacomo's 'Phantom Jack' returns at IDW with an all-new collection!
The Best Shots team takes an early look at some titles from Top Cow, IDW, and Archaia in this week's column
Preview the conclusion to the murderous mini-series right here, as our heroes close in on The Ripper
IDW brought editor Bob Schreck and some of their top talent to Baltimore to talk about current and upcoming releases
Angel continues, G.I. Joe gets a new special, & Dungeons and Dragons launches in November from IDW
Joss Whedon's ANGEL is moving from IDW back to Dark Horse, and both publishers have released statements on the situation
IDW has a slew of new comics coming in Octob... oh, who are we kidding, THE SECOND DARWYN COOKE PARKER BOOK IS COMING!
IDW is promising at least two big announcements at this panel, so saddle up and go for a ride with the publisher!
In a break from SDCC 2010 madness, the Best Shots team steps up with a selection of reviews on this week's books!