The writer tells Newsarama about the Thunderbolts b-team, "Planet Red Hulk" and upcoming Fear Itself tie-ins
Preview INCREDIBLE HULKS #626, ONSLAUGHT UNLEASHED #3, SECRET WARRIORS #26, from Marvel April 13, 2011
Starting with July's HULK #37, the Red Hulk will be taking on The Worthy, courtesy of Jeff Parker and Elena Casagrande
Layman is writing Marvel's three-part "Identity Wars" story, starting in this week's AMAZING SPIDER-MAN annual
The latest FEAR ITSELF tie-in sees a member of the Worthy - The Hulk - fighting Marvel's vampires, led by Dracula
IDENTITY WARS, a 3-part Annual crossover between Spider-Man, Deadpool & the Hulk starts here. Here's a preview.
Marvel CCO Joe Quesada talks about the upcoming Captain America, Thor and Avengers movies @ C2E2 2011.
Unlettered preview of PLANET RED HULK, a storyline running in Marvel Comics series HULK #34 and HULK #35.
Preview 5 RONIN #2, INCREDIBLE HULKS #624, SUPER HEROES #12 from Marvel March 9, 2011
Preview HULK #30, THUNDERBOLTS #153, S.H.I.E.L.D. #6, SILVER SURFER #1, from Marvel Feb 16, 2011
It looks like Hulk is meeting a group of new villains starting in March, and here's a brand-new teaser image
Preview FROM THE MARVEL VAULT: DR. STRANGE #1, HULK #29, SHE HULKS #4, shipping from Marvel Feb 2, 2011
Marvel's new weekly miniseries, 5 RONIN, ships in March and stars Wolverine and more, writer Peter Milligan talks about it
Peter Milligan's March-shipping weekly miniseries stars Wolverine, Hulk and more, here's a preview of the first issue.
There's a big Marvel event happening in 2011, and it has something to do with fear. Follow our live coverage
Coming in March, the new-reader friendly "Point One" issue of HULK introduced a formidable new opponent
Marvel's latest teaser image appears to Odin vs Thor. And we also now now when we'll learn more.
Wolverine, Deadpool, Psylocke, Hulk and Punisher are the 5 RONIN, subject of a March miniseries written by Peter Milligan