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What Relic's secret that drives his hatred of ring-slingers? DC teases it here.
There's Zero Year action, Lights Out fallout, and maybe even - a new Robin? All this and more in the November solicitations from DC Comics.
Coupled with Flashpoint Paradox's release, a new featurette shows a first look at the next movie from DC Animation, the New 52-based Justice League...
The GREEN LANTERN books now have all-new creative teams, which is as good a time as any to discuss the series at a Comic-Con panel.
DC is in the midst of releasing a series of teaser images related to their September-debuting event FOREVER EVIL.
Martian Manhunter is the newest downloadable character coming to Injustice, and a new Green Lantern skin is revealed, too.
Yes, July is still in the single digits — but that's not stopping us from analyzing DC's October slate, including FOREVER EVIL.
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Seven more covers and solicitations for the SUPERMAN, GREEN LANTERN, TEEN TITANS, and BATMAN/SUPERMAN titles as part of DC's VILLAINS MONTH.
Michael Green, one of the screenwriters of 2011's GREEN LANTERN film, will be writing the sequel to Ridley Scott's sci-fi classic.
Charles Soule takes over Red Lanterns in June, turning the team into 'bad people trying to do good things by doing bad things.'
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Kyle Rayner's a White Lantern for the long-term, and the Templar Guardians are sticking around. We talk to series writer Justin Jordan about their ...
The next Scribblenauts game from WBIE reaches into the DC portfolio with over 2,000 characters in unique all-ages adventures.
Why the death of Damian causes a slow burn of grief in the Bat-Family after the "silent issue." Also, coming to the end of his run on Green Lantern.
Doug talks to Newsarama about ending his four-year run on Green Lantern and his future work.
RELIC is the name of a new intergalactic villain that will soon debut in GREEN LANTERN when the new creative team takes over.
In the final launch trailer for INJUSTICE: GODS AMONG US, the game shows off more battles and characters from the DC Universe. Coming April 16, 2013.