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The latest DC animated feature, Green Lantern: First Flight will make its world premiere Thursday, July 23rd at San Diego Comic Con
If Geoff Johns is the Kirk of DC's summer event 'Blackest Night', then Peter Tomasi is the Spock. We talk with the writer
'Green Lantern' movie writers Marc Guggenheim & Michael Green discuss the current climate for fiction on TV
Michael Green and Marc Guggenheim talk to Newsarama about the latest developments in the Green Lantern film's progress
Warner Premiere has announced that Green Lantern: First Flight will now be released July 28th
Artist Ethan Van Sciver spills for Newsarama about his early work on designing the looks for all the Lanterns, and his thoughts on Blackest Night
Blackest Night is looming, as is the "War of Light," but what do all those weird symbols mean? Ethan Van Sciver helps us out
According to The Hollywood Reporter, Green Lantern will go in front of the cameras in November at Sydney's Fox Studios Australia
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It's the prelude to DC's biggest event of the year and you can read it free in a few weeks. But you can read a review now
DC has released the finished version of the cover to Blackest Night #1 by Ivan Reis, and those who bet on Nekron may be close to collecting their w...
Hal Jordan first becomes a Green Lantern. While under the supervision of senior Lantern, Sinestro, Jordan discovers his so-called mentor is part of...
The release of Warner Premiere's Green Lantern: First Flight has been bumped up to July 21st, according to the studio
DC Comics has released the pencils for the Blackest Night #1 cover by Ivan Reis. The issue is due in July
DC Comics has provided Newsarama with an exclusive look at this week's Green Lantern #39 by Geoff Johns and Philip Tan
July is getting closer and that means the start of Blackest Night is as well. Newsarama takes a look around to summarize what we know so far
Artist Philip Tan give us a first look at even more character designs from 'Green Lantern: Agent Orange'
We've been showing you a whole lotta Orange Lanterns from Philip Tan the last few weeks, so how about some Green ones?