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Blackest Night continues to roll on, & Best Shots' Lan Pitts takes a look at this Barry Allen-centric issue.
Executive Editor Dan DiDio is back to answer more of YOUR questions and ask one of his own.
Executive Editor Dan DiDio is back to answer more of YOUR questions and ask one of his own.
Two tie-ins this week, and we learn more about the Indigo Tribe, and visit a twisted circus while playing with fire and ice
We've had three more issues of Blackest Night, and Troy & Lucas are ready with your recaps
The light shines on Sinestro in this Blackest Night tie-in as the War of Light continues; David likes what he sees.
Every DC fan would LIKE to see a Justice League movie, but is it really possible? Will it EVER be?
WEDNESDAY COMICS has come to its conclusion, and we grade all of the strips to see what played well and what played out.
It's a one-book week in the Blackest Night realm, but it's THE book, so we're here for your recap. Plus, a special guest!
The action is ramped up in this 3rd issue of DC's crossover event, but strong characterization wins the day
The Damn Dirty Zombies have continued their infiltration of the DCU, eating hearts and regrowing heads
Longtime GLC Artist Patrick Gleason talks Guy Gardner, females, Kryb, and... doughnuts?
Regular Green Lantern artist Doug Mahnke checks in with his progress on the book and just where this Blackest Night is leading
Lucas & Troy have all the hits, misses, and face-punching-off action from the last two weeks of Blackest Night
Green Lantern Corps, Blackest Night, BN: Batman, and... Tiny Titans? It's Zombie-rific!
In this second installment, we learn to fear Adam Schlagman. Oh, and get our butts kicked by BL Martian Manhunter!
The Best Shots team is sans-Troy this week, but compensated with reviews of tons of comics
Just minutes after completing their DC Universe presentation, the publisher focused on Blackest Night