EXPLORE Geoff Johns

Here's a trifecta of previews for DC Comics out this week: FLASH #7, SUPERBOY #2 and TINY TITANS/LITTLE ARCHIE #3.
The resurrected Martian Manhunter takes the spotlight of the latest issue of DC's biweekly series, out this week.
Brightest Day begins its second half with more on the search for the new White Lantern. Here's a preview
Coming in March 2011, DC Comics and Geoff Johns have premiered a teaser image to get fans talking about the upcoming arc
The search for the new White Lantern continues. Here's a preview look at BRIGHTEST DAY #13.
Writer Marc Guggenheim talks to Newsarama about the Flash "comic run" influences of the movie, a look into the plot points and cameo rumblings.
The Black Lanterns return. Here's a preview of today's BRIGHTEST DAY, just in case you haven't gotten to a store yet
Adara, the Hope Entity, finds a host, plus The Spectre shows up ? the comic's out today, preview it now.
Geoff Johns and lots of other DC Comics talent assembled late Saturday afternoon at NYCC to talk Green Lantern
Hey, remember the Black Lanterns? Looks like they might be back to cause more trouble, preview is right here.
Geoff Johns and Francis Manapul continue "The Dastardly Death of the Rogues," here's a look from DC
Geoff Johns has already teased it on multiple occasions, but the greedy orange lantern says "MINE" to his own special this December
Viva Las Larfleeze? The "New Guardians" take to Las Vegas in search of the Predator, here's a preview from DC Comics.
Geoff Johns' DC Universe bi-weekly event continues with answers and probably even more questions
Green Lantern continues to shine at DC Comics, and the creators and editors come to shine the spotlight back on this "emerald empire"
DC CCO. Writer/reviver of Green Lantern and Flash. Co-Writer of Brightest Day. Comics fans all know who Geoff Johns is, & this panel is their chanc...
Vaneta Rogers begins a monthly series of chats with writer and DC Entertainment's Chief Creative Officer
Paul Levitz talks with Newsarama about getting back into writing and teaching after his long run as President of DC Comics and the job his successo...