Earthquakes in SUPERGIRL.... and more coming to Central City?
The Lex Luthor-created Trajectory is coming to THE FLASH.
And a new layer of Professor Zoom's connection to Barry is to be revealed in this month's THE FLASH #47.
Comedian Tone Bell has been cast as Iris West's new boss on THE FLASH.
A trailer for next year's debut episode teases dark times at the hands of Zoom.
While H.I.V.E. targets STAR CITY in ARROW's trailer.
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Including the new Firestorm and the Hawks!
Marco Grazzini reportedly trades one set of superheroes for another.
Concept artist Andy Poon has posted his concept art CW's Hawks.
They're the fastest men and women in the DCU -- but who will win this race?
A new promo for the upcoming FLASH/ARROW crossover focuses on the relationship between Barry and Oliver.
A new promo for the upcoming FLASH/ARROW crossover has been released, and an ARROW actor teases KING SHARK's return.
Also, WALLY WEST's FLASH Introduction Revealed, and VERTIGO comic book UNFOLLOW is coming to TV.
The cops found gorilla hair at two crime scenes. Someone call in the superheroes.
Batman, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman's arch-rivals return... and more!
A trailer for next week's THE FLASH shows a surprising speedster show up to fill the void of Flash's injury.