With DC's fall schedule already adding characters to its TV universe, here are ten suggestions for more characters that are ripe for television.
A former Marvel villain has reportedly been hired to portray Hawkman on CW's ARRoW, FLASH and LEGENDS OF TOMORROW.
Also Gotham promotes Drew Powell to regular in season 2, and Flash season 1 gag reel hits the web.
Before he shows up on DC'S LEGENDS OF TOMORROW Hawkman will appear in FLASH and ARROW.
CW has unveiled Flash's new costume for season 2.
Check out previews for four of DC's biggest releases this week.
Also a fake newscast sets the stage for Scott Lang's criminal record.
Ezra Miller spoke to MTV about his upcoming Flash film, including revealing which Flash he'll play, and what he thinks of the Flash TV show.
Saturday's's "A Night of DC Entertainment" television panel at Comic-Con was filmed and his now available online.
DC announced two new EARTH ONE series at the "Meet the Co-Publishers" panel Sunday morning at Comic-Con.
J. Michael Straczynski announced a new FLASH: EARTH ONE series for 2016.
Warner Bros. and DC showcase it's TV shows on CW, Fox and more.
Greg Berlanti has hired a showrunner for DC's Legends of Tomorrow. Meanwhile, CW has set fall premiere dates for its DC shows.
DC All Access takes a look at Rip Hunter, the time-traveling hero of CW's upcoming DC's Legends Of Tomorrow.
Warner Bros. has arranged a screening of the pilot for CBS's upcoming Supergirl TV series Saturday night of SDCC.
Warner Bros. has announced release dates for Arrow season 3 and Flash season 1 on DVD.
A new report states that CW's Flash is casting another new hero for its second season.
CW is casting the part of Wendy, a new love interest for Barry Allen in Flash season 2.