EXPLORE Final Crisis

A look at all the new titles shipping from DC Comics in September 2008.
Grant Morrison tells us all about Final Crisis #1 - who's who, what's what, and more...
Brandon drops $60 at the shop, and looks back at a very, very good week.
The panel kicked off with Senior VP Dan DiDio asking the fans to recap some of the big events in that recently transpired in the DCU.
Warning! Spoilers for Final Crisis #1 - and beyond - abound
Saying it's a big summer for J.G. Jones is an understatement. Wanted, the film based on the comic he co-created with Mark Millar for Top Cow in 200...
The Best Shots crew reviews of a ton of new comic book releases
With Final Crisis #1 and #2 out of the way, Greg Rucka gives us the skinny on FC: Revelations, who the Spectre is targeting, his new novel, and more