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Devil's Due will distribute Hack/Slash #16-#17 through avenues other than Diamond due to a C&D from Re-Animator, LLC
Devil's Due has provided Newsarama with the full issue of Mercy Sparx #0, created by Josh Blaylock.
James Pascoe and Roger Robinson's new creator-owned Echoes of the Damned hits from Devil's Due next month, and the creators tell Newsarama all abou...
Devil's Due has provided Newsarama with the full Rest #0
In September, Devil's Due and Stefan Hutchinson go back into the world of Halloween with Halloween: The First Death of Laurie Strode, a direct sequ...
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Screens were shown, plans were announced, and comics were plugged at SDCC's Bionic Commando panel with Capcom
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Devil's Due covered a bevy of projects at its SDCC panel including Rest, Spooks, The Corps, Zen Intergalactic Ninja, and many more
Devil's Due's Thursday panel played host to special guest Kevin Spacey who took the opportunity to announce a partnership with the publisher and hi...
Writer Andy Diggle tells us about the Bionic Commando webcomic he's writing and editing for Capcom.
We sat down with Milo Ventimiglia, Mark Powers and Russ Cundiff - three of the creators behind Devil's Due's upcoming "Rest."
We spoke with Devil's Due President Josh Blaylock about his plans to bring Vampire Hunter D to American audiences with all new stories.
Devil's Due announced at Chicago that it will be publishing an Americanized version of Vampire Hunter D, entitled American Wasteland
Rick Remender will write The Corps series at Devil's Due, and he tells us all about it
We take a look inside Devil's Due's Halloween 30th Anniversary Special with Stef Hutchinson and Stephen Christy
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