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Tim Seeley's horror series is headed to the small screen, courtesy of Relativity Television.
The two long-time independent comic publishers announce a merger.
The Devil's Due founder tells us about his plan to pay off creator debt, and his company's return to the marketplace
Josh Blaylock says his former Image imprint is planning to return to publishing this year and pay their existing debts
Devil's Due Digital is expanding in several big ways, with new apps, new storefronts, and new devices supported.
We speak with writer/artist Tim Seeley about his big publisher switch, and what's coming in the new series
Tim Seeley is bringing his creator-owned book to Image Comics, leaving behind longtime publisher Devil's Due Publishing
Fans of Post-Nuclear show JERICHO have a lot to be excited about, starting with the new comic that launched this week
Some great and some...not so great comics are coming out this week. We have your early looks.
Devil's Due has provided an extended look at the new comic that serves as a prequel to the coming Starz TV Show
In Drafted: 100 Days, Barack Obama is one of the survivors of the alien invasion of earth. Mark Powers tells us about the special
Pop culture's infatuation with Barack Obama continues in June with Barack the Barbarian from Devil's Due Press. Writer Larry Hama and Publisher Jos...
This October, Devil's Due will release Spartacus: Blood and Sand, a five issue miniseries based on the upcoming Spartacus series by Sam Raimi
Devil's Due has announced two new Obama-inspired comics: Drafted: The First 100 Days and Barack the Barbarian
Devil's Due will continue the story of the CBS TV series that lasted two seasons in a new comic book series
Devil's Due has provided Newsarama with a look inside Hack/Slash #17
John Siuntres talks Hack/Slash with creator Tim Seeley, and takes time to hear his view on what's going on with the Re-Animator dispute
Despite reports, Archaia Studios Press is being acquired by Kunoichi Inc., and not Devil's Due Publishing