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Batwing has his showdown with new villain Sky Pirate in this exclusive preview of BATWING #17.
Our series of profiles of the members of Geoff John's new JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA turns its attention to HAWKMAN.
As the 'Throne of Atlantis' story comes to an end, Aquaman will pick up the pieces in his own series. Early first look
Here's an early first look at pencils from the final fight between Superman and H'el in SUPERMAN #17.
Superman's Justice League teammates & Superboy try to prevent 'H'El on Earth' in this preview to SUPERMAN #16.
The price is going up, dates are shifting, but Grant Morrison's finale is expanding in Action Comics.
JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK co-writer Ray Fawkes warns fans there's changes coming to the New 52's magic-team title.
Our series of profiles of the members of Geoff John's new JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA focuses turns its attention to CATWOMAN.
Young Avengers #1 gets another 10 out of 10 (read it already!), Batwoman and others also reviewed.
ETHAN VAN SCIVER make shis debut as the BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT penciler with issue #16. Here's an exclusive preview.
Ivan Reis's run on JUSTICE LEAGUE begins as he takes on an ongoing team book after years of solo work.
Geoff Johns' co-writer Matt Kindt expands on why the MANHUNTER back-up feature in JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA is key to the series and the New 52.
The second Justice League team is about to premiere, and we have a new interview with writer Geoff Johns about these relative unknowns.
The war between Atlantis and the surface world heats up in THRONE OF ATLANTIS. Here's a preview of JUSTICE LEAGUE #16.
Medusa, the Hydra, & other Greek monsters are on the loose, and it's up to Batwoman & Wonder Woman to stop them.
RISE OF THE THIRD ARMY winds down as Simon Baz meets gets trained by B'DG in this GREEN LANTERN #16 preview.
New RAVAGERS writer Michael Alan Nelson talks about infusing the DC New 52 series with a new darker, "dusky" tone.
Writer Robert Venditti talks about taking over DC's DEMON KNIGHTS, NOT writing CONSTANTINE, and keeping I, VAMPIRE alive, sort of.