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Writer Scott Snyder talks about the repercussions of DEATH OF THE FAMILY and what's next for BATMAN (with spoilers).
Our series of profiles of the members of Geoff John's new JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA turns its attention to Green Lantern Simon Baz.
Ray Fawkes is taking CONSTANTINE on some dark adventures as the new writer of his DCU adventures.
Something is happening to Damian Wayne this Spring, but what could it be? We break down the clues here.
Jim Starlin on his upcoming STORMWATCH revamp: "Everything you know about the series ... is altered."
ALL of DC Comics May 2013 solicitations, including BATMAN, Vertigo, DC Collectibles and all their imprints.
The solicitations from the BEYOND THE NEW 52 family of titles coming from DC Comics in May 2013.
See what's in store for the BAT-Family in May 2013, including a handful of annuals!
A look at the solicitations from THE DARK family of titles coming from DC's The New 52 in May 2013.
The solicitations from THE EDGE & YOUNG JUSTICE families of titles coming from DC's The New 52 in May 2013.
Green Lantern #20 will be the last issue written by Geoff Johns, coming May 2013.
Take a look into the disturbing dreams Damian Wayne is having post-Death of the Family in this preview of B&R #17.
The DC Comics Sales VPs talk about their cancel/add New 52 sales strategy and argue it results in higher per-title sales.
2013 comic book sales started off with a bang, with big gains over January 2012 sales, led by Marvel & SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN.
Someone at DC has been reading Newsarama countdowns, reviving the Green Team and starting The Movement.
Say your goodbyes to FIRESTORM, RAVAGERS, HAWKMAN, DEATHSTROKE, SWORD OF SORCERY, and TEAM 7 as a huge group bites the dust.
Artist Nicola Scott discusses designing the superhero world of EARTH 2 that's even more unique than the NEW 52 proper.
Scott Snyder and Jeff Lemire have one last issue each of the 'Rotworld' crossover and talk about the conclusion here.