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How political will THE MOVEMENT get? Gail Simone addresses the question while revealing some of the cast.
DC Comics is introducing a familiar but surprising name to DC canon next week. But will this be the new ROBIN?
In a new interview, writer Scott Snyder says SUPERMAN UNCHAINED is a whole new look at the iconic hero.
Ales Kot is coming in as writer of SUICIDE SQUAD with #20, and he has 'Explosive Ideas' for the misfit team at DC Comics.
Batman makes a joke? Apparently the Mad Hatter's origin story is getting to the DARK KNIGHT in this exclusive preview!
A surprise return of Dick Grayson's oldest and worst enemy prompts a move to Chicago as things get worse for NIGHTWING.
Writer Brian Azzarello promises a big arc with more changes for WONDER WOMAN starting with issue 19. See his teases here.
In a new interview, Scott Snyder answers questions about his big upcoming BATMAN arc THE ZERO YEAR.
Here's a look at DC's full BATMAN family group June 2013 solicitations, including Batman: Year Zero and more!
ALL of DC Comics' June 2013 solicitations, including BATMAN, Vertigo, DC Collectibles and all their imprints.
Take a look at what's coming from YOUNG JUSTICE and THE EDGE lineup from DC Comics in June 2013.
Take an exclusive first look at DC's full JUSTICE LEAGUE June 2013 solicitations, including a death in the new JLA?
Take an early look at the SUPERMAN solicits for June 2013, including the new Batman/Superman #1
Take an early look at the GREEN LANTERN solicitations for June 2013, featuring a new title and all-new creative teams.
Take a look at what's coming from THE DARK lineup from DC Comics in June 2013, including Constantine and more!
Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo are taking BATMAN to his New 52 origins with an all-new year long story arc.
Writer Ray Fawkes talks about his new TRINITY OF SIN: PANDORA ongoing and its close ties to Geoff Johns' TRINITY WAR.
A roundtable of 8 DC writers including Scott Snyder talk about the death of Robin and its implications for their titles.