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The Villains take over in September 2013 at DC Comics, leading to the first line-wide crossover, FOREVER EVIL.
Take an exclusive look at THE MOVEMENT #2, from Gail Simone and Freddie Williams II.
Superman Unchained #1 hits stores in just two weeks, and we have all the variant covers from some comic book legends here!
Charles Soule takes over Red Lanterns in June, turning the team into 'bad people trying to do good things by doing bad things.'
Wrath and Scorn may be the latest Anti-Batman and Anti-Robin, but they are far from the first (of each). Here is a look at those that have come bef...
Kyle Rayner's a White Lantern for the long-term, and the Templar Guardians are sticking around. We talk to series writer Justin Jordan about their ...
Things don't look good for the young heroes of the DC Universe in this exclusive preview of TEEN TITANS #20
Another new villain tease for the New 52 is here, this time recent TV star Vertigo getting into the DC Comics mix
The creative team behind BATMAN's New 52 success is back for a year-long story set entirely in the past.
Greg Pak, in his DC Comics debut, is writing the first meeting between Superman and Batman as they jaunt off to an adventure in Earth 2.
The new writer of SUICIDE SQUAD shocked fans by introducing a surprise new member to the team. Ales Kot tells us more.
DC Comics reaches out to the new fans for their first panel of C2E2, offering up the basics on what makes them tick.
Want to know more about THE GREEN TEAM and see what it'll look like inside? Look no further than this interview with Art & Franco!
Who better for a revenge scheme than the wrathful AZRAEL? That's Batman's thought in BATMAN, INC #10.
Every DC Comics series gets a new #1 in September - and a new title and star! The villains take over, according to a report.
ALL of DC Comics' June 2013 solicitations, including BATMAN, Vertigo, DC Collectibles and all their imprints.
Here's a look at DC's full SUPERMAN family July 2013 solicitations, including SUPERMAN UNCHAINED #2.
Here's a look at DC's full BATMAN family July 2013 solicitations, including the final BATMAN, INCORPORATED.