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Still have questions about DC's EARTH 2 & WORLDS' FINEST? Paul Levitz reveals more about DC's new Earth.
Jeff Lemire continues his critically acclaimed run on surprise hit Animal Man, and tells us about his second arc on the book.
Think you have DC's EARTH 2 figured out? Series writer James Robinson gives his first exclusive interview on the ongoing series.
SHAZAM! Don't call him Captain Marvel, as his lightning-infused and hooded look distinguishes him from his marvel-ous past.
Judd Winick stops by to talk about Catwoman, the way she's still growing, staying sexy, and crossing over into Night of the Owls.
Writer Scott Synder answers questions about the long-awaited return of SWAMP THING in March, and if it's Alec?
Check out this early look at THE FURY OF FIRESTORM: THE NUCLEAR MEN #6, from DC Comics Feb 22, 2012.
Completing our exclusive interviews about DC's teen-crossover THE CULLING with SUPERBOY, TEEN TITANS writer Scott Lobdell.
We take an exclusive closer look at the TEEN TITANS, SUPERBOY, LEGION LOST, THE RAVAGERS crossover "The Culling".
We talk with artist David Finch on writer Gregg Hurwitz joining BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT and winning back fan confidence.
We wrap up BATWOMAN Tuesday with a talk with co-writer W. HADEN BLACKMAN on the future of the DC title.
We continue our Tuesday spotlight of DC Comics' BATWOMAN, talking to rotating artist Amy Reeder about her approach.
In the 1st of 3 interviews, we talk with co-writer/artist J.H. Williams III about the success of BATWOMAN.
Artist Cliff Chiang is now officially co-writer on Wonder Woman with Brian Azzarello, and talks about what's to come here.
Hal Jordan and Sinestro are still in their forced team-up in next week's GREEN LANTERN #6, and we have your exclusive p
The third story arc, creative team, and character for DCU Presents have been announced, and it's a brand new one!
David Finch is stepping aside as co-writer of Dark Knight, with Gregg Hurwitz taking full writing duties.
Newest Bat-sibling BATWING joins the rest of the family for THE NIGHT OF THE OWLS event. Writer Judd Winick talks about this role.