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First came the surprises, and later comes the worst, but today, here's the Best of the first two years of the New 52.
Now two years into the New 52, but we're still finding ourselves surprised. Here are the ten biggest shockers still hitting us from DC Comics.
Spoilers, get your spoilers here! The five biggest things to take away from Forever Evil #1 are...
LOBO has appeared in the New 52 already - or HAS he? The latest 'What's New in the New 52' has something new to say about that.
Take an exclusive early look at RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS #23, with Arsenal in the spotlight - and under fire!
Superman: Unchained brought the superstar team of Scott Snyder and Jim Lee together, but it also brings Lois and Superman back together as well. Fi...
It's that last panel of the convention for DC Comics, where Jim Lee and Dan DiDio have a conversation with the fans.
Take a look at what's coming up in the Superman family of titles here at one of the last panels of the convention!
Join creators from across the New 52 as they reveal plans for upcoming storylines, discuss the latest developments and more from Comic-Con
Justice League: War was just announced on twitter as the first New 52 movie at DC animation, coming in 2014.
Trinity War kicks off officially with today's Justice League #22 and our Best Shots reviewer takes a look.
Take a look at Trinity of Sin: Pandora #1, plus some new story details, inside.
Greg Pak plans to bring Superman back down to Earth a bit, somewhat surprisingly in the book called Action Comics.
The first Arkham Asylum inmate and an Apokoliptic ball of fury are the newest villains introduced into the New 52 via the 'What's New' column.
Marguerite Bennett continues our conversation about her writing style and her love for Lobo's amorality.
The latest villain introduction from DC's blog is Anansa the Spider Queen, coming soon to Animal Man.
Batman: The Dark Knight has been doing the villain focus for months, revolving around a stubborn, obstinate Bruce Wayne.
Brainiac is coming to the New 52, and we have a new sketch that shows his evolution as a character.