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Join us for a look into DC's New 52 with hints at what's to come for their big relaunched universe!
Take an exclusive early look at Blue Beetle #8, shipping from DC Comics April 18, 2012.
The full results of DC's NEW 52 Consumer survey has been given to comic book retailers. Here is that FULL presentation.
Writer Tony Bedard talks about May's new 52 crossover between GREEN LANTERN: NEW GUARDIANS & BLUE BEETLE.
Here's preview look at all the solicits from the SUPERMAN family titles coming from The New 52 in July 2012.
Here's preview look at all the solicits from the YOUNG JUSTICE titles coming from The New 52 in July 2012.
Nok! Geoff Johns tells us more about the Indigo Tribe and the future of Green Lantern, including the title's upcoming 'Third Army' event.
DC Comics VP's answer questions about March 2012 comic book sales and tease surprises on FCBD, and an upcoming Green Lantern event.
AVENGERS vs. X-MEN #1 is your bestselling title of March 2012 (huh?), in a down month for comic book sales.
The artist discusses reinventing SUPERMAN in the pages of ACTION COMICS with Grant Morrison.
We take a look at the characters that actually came BEFORE WATCHMEN and argue for their return in the DC New 52.
Writer Judd Winick talks about his guest stint on BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT #9, NIGHT OF THE OWLS tie-in issue.
Joe Harris & Ethan Van Sciver talk about their new "fun: take on DC's The New 52's THE FURY OF FIRESTORM: THE NUCLEAR MEN.
When Jim Lee returns to JUSTICE LEAGUE he'll be bringing a brand-new villain with him! First design sketch inside.
NIGHTWING writer Kyle Higgins answers questions about the Dick Grayson NIGHT OF THE OWLS revelation in this week's issue.
In part 2 of our interview, BATMAN writer Scott Snyder talks about what's coming up in THE NIGHT OF THE OWLS event.
BATMAN artist Greg Capullo discusses working with writer Scott Snyder and on the COURT OF OWLS Bat-crossover.