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Writer Ann Nocenti takes over DC's CATWOMAN in September. Selina will leave Gotham and still be sexy, says Nocenti.
DC has announced a series of random new projects and bits of news for October shipping comics. Here's a brief run-down.
THE FLASH gets his revamped origin in September's 0 issue, and the creative team teases things to come there and beyond.
DC has officially confirmed the Joker will return to BATMAN in October in a story called Death of the Family.
Rob Liefeld will be giving DC badasses Deathtroke and Lobo new badass origins for the New 52 in DEATHSTROKE #0.
The connection between HYPNOTIC and Wayne Enterprises revealed!. Here's an exclusive preview of DETECTIVE #11.
Rob Liefeld talks HAWKMAN - his origin and the #0 issue, the Justice League, and Hawkwoman?
Gregg Hurwitz talks about redefining Joe Chill and expanding Batman's early year in his 2 Batman #0 issues - THE DARK KNIGHT & DETECTIVE.
New BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT writer Gregg Hurwitz discusses his plans for the title, including revamping Scarecrow.
Jeff Lemire's JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK #10 steps up shop in The House of Mystery. Here's a sneak peek at J
Tallulah Black is back in Jonah Hex's life in ALL-STAR WESTERN #10, catch your first glimpse in this exclusive preview.
DC has once again recruited Nielsen NRG to conduct a consumer survey of U.S. comic book readers & retailers.
Andrew's getting an origin story in I, VAMPIRE #0. Writer Joshua Fialkov tells us more.
In the final part of our interview, Scott Snyder talks about BATMAN #0 and this next major storyline, featuring his favorite rogue.
Kenneth Rocafort is the new SUPERMAN artist beginning with October's #0 issue, and here's a look at his version of the Man of Steel.
Take an exclusive early look at BLUE BEETLE #10 as a Boney Mister is chasing down Jaime.
BATMAN writer & Court of Owls mastermind Scott Snyder talks about how he become convinced to co-writer DC new TALON ongoing series.
BATMAN writer Scott Snyder is loving all the speculation about this week's reveal in issue #10 about the Court of Owls big bad.