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DC has officially confirmed the Joker will return to BATMAN in October in a story called Death of the Family.
Rob Liefeld will be giving DC badasses Deathtroke and Lobo new badass origins for the New 52 in DEATHSTROKE #0.
The connection between HYPNOTIC and Wayne Enterprises revealed!. Here's an exclusive preview of DETECTIVE #11.
Rob Liefeld talks HAWKMAN - his origin and the #0 issue, the Justice League, and Hawkwoman?
Gregg Hurwitz talks about redefining Joe Chill and expanding Batman's early year in his 2 Batman #0 issues - THE DARK KNIGHT & DETECTIVE.
New BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT writer Gregg Hurwitz discusses his plans for the title, including revamping Scarecrow.
Jeff Lemire's JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK #10 steps up shop in The House of Mystery. Here's a sneak peek at J
Tallulah Black is back in Jonah Hex's life in ALL-STAR WESTERN #10, catch your first glimpse in this exclusive preview.
DC has once again recruited Nielsen NRG to conduct a consumer survey of U.S. comic book readers & retailers.
Andrew's getting an origin story in I, VAMPIRE #0. Writer Joshua Fialkov tells us more.
In the final part of our interview, Scott Snyder talks about BATMAN #0 and this next major storyline, featuring his favorite rogue.
Kenneth Rocafort is the new SUPERMAN artist beginning with October's #0 issue, and here's a look at his version of the Man of Steel.
Take an exclusive early look at BLUE BEETLE #10 as a Boney Mister is chasing down Jaime.
BATMAN writer & Court of Owls mastermind Scott Snyder talks about how he become convinced to co-writer DC new TALON ongoing series.
BATMAN writer Scott Snyder is loving all the speculation about this week's reveal in issue #10 about the Court of Owls big bad.
DC Comics has confirmed that several creative changes for the September ZERO MONTH issues are just temporary.
ALL of DC Comics September 2012 solicitations, including the NEW 52's ZERO MONTH, Vertigo, DC Direct and all their imprints.
Here's preview look at all the solicits from the YOUNG JUSTICE titles coming from DC's The New 52 in September 2012.