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Christy Marx talks about the return of AMETHYST to the DCU in Sword of Sorcery, and the Justice League Dark crossover.
In our monthly interview with the DC VPs on July 2012 comics sales we talk about the upcoming Sandman revival.
J.H. Williams & W. Haden Blackman hope BATWOMAN #12 with Wonder Woman will be a jumping-on point for new readers.
Writer Judd Winick talks about taking BATWING back to Africa to reveal his full origin during ZERO MONTH.
Not much is known about the new GREEN LANTERN who gets introduced in September, but at least now we know his name...
Previews of DETECTIVE, BATWING, JUSTICE LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL #12 & an exclusive preview of GREEN ARROW #12.
Judd Winick returns to GREEN ARROW for the Zero Month issue, for an Oliver Queen story BEFORE he got stranded on that Island.
LEGION LOST solo writer Tom DeFalco discusses the upcoming #0 issue and answering questions surrounding the series.
THE FLASH runs into a continuation of the story that intros the Rogues, with guest art from Marcus To in this preview.
Artist Nicola Scott talks about working with James Robinson on DC's New 52 EARTH 2 series at Comic-Con.
BATMAN artist Greg Capullo has a warning for the faint-of-heart. See your doctor before checking our his JOKER in DEATH OF THE FAMILY.
Jim Lee talks Zero Issues, the New 52, and more at SDCC 2012
What's coming up for the New 52 in general? Who are the new faces you'll see in those pages? Find out here!
The man of steel and his family have a big year ahead. Find out what's to come in year 2 of the New 52 Superman here.
Gail Simone talks about the upcoming BATGIRL #0, and the return of the Joker in DEATH OF THE FAMILY.
ALL of DC Comics October 2012 solicitations, including the NEW 52's ZERO MONTH, Vertigo, DC Direct and all their imprints.
A preview of all the post-ZERO MONTH solicits from the YOUNG JUSTICE titles coming from DC's The New 52 in October.
A preview of all the post-ZERO MONTH solicits from THE EDGE titles coming from DC's The New 52 in October.