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DC Comics as a new Who's Who in the back of their New 52 #0 issues, and the first appearances of all their characters are now 2011.
Artist DOUG MAHNKE discusses the emotional introduction of Simon Baz, the 1st Arab-American Green Lantern.
Before you head to the shop, preview three of the biggest zero issues this week right here!
Writer Peter Milligan answers questions about the RED LANTERN role in RISE OF THE THIRD ARMY Green Lantern event.
GREEN LANTERN: NEW GUARDIANS writer Tony Bedard talks about Kyle Rayner's place in the RISE OF THE THIRD ARMY.
3 Geoff Johns-written titles offers a glimpse into the future of the New 52. We examine the hints and analyze the clues.
A profile of each member of Geoff Johns' upcoming new JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA team, debuting in 2013.
Artist Ethan Van Sciver talks about reuniting with Geoff Johns to get RISE OF THE THIRD ARMY started in GREEN LANTERN ANNUAL.
DC Comics announced a new JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA ongoing series by Geoff Johns and David Finch for 2013.
Writer Judd Winick is exiting his run on BATWING, citing time restrictions making it impossible to continue on a month series.
Scott Snyder & Jeff Lemire answer questions about their SWAMP THING-ANIMAL MAN New 52 crossover ROTWORLD.
It's Batman vs. The Black Mask in the 1st New 52 DETECTIVE COMICS Annual and we have an exclusive preview.
DC has been pretty mum about the new Green Lantern mum, but now speculation that he is the 1st Arab-American GL is confirmed.
With a new JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA on the way, we gather all the intel we can about TRINITY WAR and SUPERMAN & WONDER WOMAN
The reaction to the news of Wonder Woman & Superman's love affair was swift. Comics creators react to the development.
We look at the history of flirtation, romance and yes, even sex, between Superman and Wonder Woman over the decades.
So Superman & Wonder Woman are going to give romance a go - here's some relationship advice based on comic books couples of the past.
DC is going further with the Superman-Wonder Woman romance. The AP reports Lois & Clark will likely never be together in the New 52.