EXPLORE DCnU REVAMP News, Previews and Interviews

Keith Giffen tells us all about his new ongoing 'cosmic' NEW 52 series for DC in this exclusive interview.
Take a look at DC's first big panel of the convention, with a super announcement teased!
DC Comics announced the new post-Morrison ACTION COMICS creative team - and you may have noticed that new suit. Details here.
In a new interview Francis Manapul & Brian Buccellato answer in-depth questions about THE FLASH's GORILLA WARFARE event.
You've been reading all about the Joker's return, now read 5 pages from BATMAN #13, "Death of the Family" part 1.
Scott Synder says the return of an "angry" Joker in Batman's "Death of the Family" is an exploration of his own fears.
No more Liefeld doesn't mean no more Deathstroke as the book continues into #13 without the departed writer/artist.
In the very first New 52 vs. New 52 head-to-head sales comparison, Sept. 2012 topped Sept. 2011 in overall sales.
Francis Manapul & Brian Buccellato talk the intro of Daniel West & THE FLASH's GORILLA WARFARE event.
Fresh off his debut, new Green Lantern Simon Baz gets thrown into "Rise of the Third Army" in Green Lantern #13.
In a brand-new interview, Scott Snyder & Jeff Lemire answer questions about their SWAMP THING-ANIMAL MAN New 52 crossover ROTWORLD.
Green Lantern, Hawkgirl and the Flash face down GRUNDY in this preview of EARTH 2 #5. Plus a BATWING #13 preview
The connection between the Demon Knights and Stormwatch has been revealed, but it's just the start in STORMWATCH #13.
The JOKER is coming back to the whole Batman family of titles, and we round up what we know about him so far.
Writer Scott Lobdell has posted a video podcast to give some personal thoughts on SUPERMAN #0, in stores now.
New FIRESTORM writer Dan Jurgens is unofficially relaunching the DC New 52 series next month. We discuss his plans for the series.
Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E. writer Matt Kindt talks about the ROTWORLD New 52 DCnU crossover storyline.
A sort-of Robin to Scott Synder's Batman, writer James Tynion IV is one-half of the TALON dynamic duo. He talks about that series and BATMAN.