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Take an exclusive first look at the next chapter of 'Death of the Family' as Joker goes after Nightwing's 'family.'
The Joker is bringing his plans to the next phase in 'Death of the Family' and Scott Snyder says we have only seen the beginning.
Scott Snyder and Yanick Paquette are leaving SWAMP THING, but the end of Rotworld still has some shocks in store for readers.
ALL of DC Comics March 2013 solicitations, including BATMAN, Vertigo, DC Direct and all their imprints.
Things don't look too good for the youngest member of the Super family in this preview of SUPERBOY #15.
ALL-NEW X-MEN #1 & Marvel NOW! helped industry sales keep pace with the NEW 52-powered high-point of 2011.
Starfire will follow Roy Harper as the one-shot star of DCU PRESENTS, in a story by Joe Keatinge.
Paul Levitz answers questions about his and Keith Giffen's reunion on LEGION OF SUPERHEROES in February.
Artist Andy Kubert will guest pencil March's BATMAN #18, Martian Manhunter gets a back-up feature, and more March 2013 DC news.
Artist David Finch answers questions about his & Geoff John's new JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA and meeting his deadlines.
Artist Jason Fabok talks about drawing the Joker in 'Death of the Family' for DETECTIVE COMICS with a preview of issue #15.
Take an exclusive early look at EARTH 2 #7, featuring the origin of the New 52 Hawkgirl!
"I wouldn't say he's all that much different from who John Constantine has always been," says New 52 CONSTANTINE writer Robert Venditti.
Writer James Tnyion IV will get to distinguish himself from his mentor Scott Synder in upcoming issues of TALON.
Scott Snyder and James Tynion's TALON continues in December. Here is an exclusive look at the variant covers for issue
"H'el on Earth" and "Rise of the Third Army" continue in these previews of SUPERMAN #14 & RED LANTERNS #14.
Geoff Johns answers questions about his JUSTICE LEAGUE-AQUAMAN modern-day war story crossover THRONE OF ATLANTIS.
BATMAN writer Scott Snyder answers questions about issue #14 and where Joker's "Death of the Family" plan goes next.