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A look at the solicitations from the BATMAN family of titles coming from DC's The New 52 in April 2013.
A look at the solicitations from the YOUNG JUSTICE family of titles coming from DC's The New 52 in April 2013.
We look at December 2012 DC Comics sales and the entire year-that-was in our monthly interview with their sales VPs.
It's the big confrontation between Batgirl and Joker in this exclusive preview of this Death of the Family tie-in.
AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #700 helped Marvel and overall industry sales to a strong December 2012 to close out a strong year.
James Tynion IV rides the success of Talon into another ongoing series in the Bat-line with RED HOOD #19.
Jeff Lemire's run on GREEN ARROW will start with what he says is 'basically a first issue.' Find out what he means inside
New ACTION COMICS writer Andy Diggle says his Superman isn't dark, but "Bright & optimistic" and in sync with DCU.
Writer Jim 'Zub' Zubkavich answers questions about taking over DC's BIRDS OF PREY in March.
Chris Arrant's look at the new year concludes with the events and potential events that will shape 2013
Writer Ann Nocenti answers questions about the launch of the KATANA solo series in conjunction with the new JLA series.
Gregg Hurwitz and his new artist on Batman: The Dark Knight, Ethan Van Sciver debut a new style for Mad Hatter & reveal their plans here.
We look at the biggest stories and happenings of the last year coming from DC Comics.
And just like that, a decision reversed and justice served to fans who were upset about Gail Simone's removal from BATGIRL.
No, not another Legion of Super-Heroes reboot. But new penciler Keith Giffen says there will be a revamp. Click here for details.
Writer Keith Giffen answers questions about THRESHOLD, and a certain familiar looking rabbit named Captain K'Rot.
Paul Levitz discusses plans for WORLDS' FINEST in 2013, including more interaction between the leads and the New 52 DCU.