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Week Four of Convergence is centered on Pre-Crisis multiverse characters, with one notable exception and surprise.
George Marston takes a look back at the entire run of Wonder Woman from the first three years of the New 52 at DC Comics.
See what's happening in about a quarter of the New 52 universe at DC Comics in January 2015.
Crisis. Brainiac. Red Trunks. It's all here on this final of the three interlocking covers to the next few issues of Futures End
Dan DiDio, co-publisher of DC Comics tells fans to look to the skies in the two newest covers of Futures End.
Booster Gold and Superman: Doomed have - well, read on if you want the crazy spoilers! MAJOR SPOILERS inside!
It's a safe bet a Crisis is coming, and Dan DiDio is adding fuel to the rumor fire.
DAREDEVIL did it for twice in 3 years. DC's ENTIRE line did it. So here is a look at the 10 Most Important Relaunches in Comic Book History.
See what's coming from DC Comics in November with the next New 52 group of solicitations.
Who is the masked Superman? We have one more clue right here...
Take a look at DC's New 52 line of superhero comics with the creators who make them right here, live!
Yes, Superman is changed significantly in the New 52, but it's not the first time. We have his 10 biggest changes in history here.
Familiar faces and some surprises in store for comics fans come September.
Fans of a certain character will be very happy when they see the after-credits scene to Justice League: War.
The New 52 is coming to animation, and the first official clip is here.
Take a look at the first trailer to JUSTICE LEAGUE: WAR, the first New 52 movie adaptation.
Look for a younger Superman testing his limits and a more battle hardened (and robot suited) Superman in Aaron Kuder's latest Action Comics.