Take a look at the quickie reviews of this week's books, including five Image books, plus Marvel and DC selections!
It's time for life itself to light up the world with the HeroClix White Lantern Corps!
New SUPERBOY writer Aaron Kuber talks about rehabilitating Jon Lane Kent as the series heads for its August conclusion.
ZERO YEAR – SAVAGE CITY part 2 hits this week and here's a preview of the first four pages.
The high-profile new SUPERMAN creative team talk
DC Comics have revealed the covers for the last two weeks of their September FUTURES END line-wide event.
Meet the individual members (and their cards) of the Star Sapphires, the Violet Lanterns of Love.
Catwoman escapes from Mirror Master's Mirror World in this exclusive preview.
Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray know the history they're up against in trying to make a war comic book work, but they have a plan - G.I. ZOMBIE.
Newsarama's own Vaneta Rogers joined with IGN's Greg Miller and Joshua Yehl, and Steve Sunu from Comic Book Resources, to talk about the revelation...
Reviewing all the major developments of Geoff Johns' FOREVER EVIL finale and JUSTICE LEAGUE #30 and what it may mean for the future of DC's New 52
The conclusion of DC's big event and beginning of Lex Luthor's JUSTICE LEAGUE career are finally here. Did Geoff John's double feature they deliver...
Grant Morrison isn't the only writer exploring DC's Multiverse. Dan Abnett talks about his exploration of the many different DC alternate universes...
It's the violet corps of love this time around, better known as the Star Sapphires.
A classic Bat-villain returns to Gotham with plans to unite his fellow rogues against Batman.
We suggest 10 potential titles DC should consider after Forever Evil "changes the face of the DC Universe" as Geoff Johns said.
Justin Jordan answers questions about the recent Annual, and talks about this week's GREEN LANTERN: NEW GUARDIAN #31.
There's going to be a lot of talk about seven ongoing series being cancelled in one month. We'll talk about that AND the other big things we notice...