It's time for the quick reviews of this week's books - 24 of them!
The seminal Garth Ennis Vertigo series is finally coming to screen, thanks to AMC.
Yet another property that began life in the pages of a DC Comic book is headed to television.
The writers addresses fan speculation about the identity of the team and why Superman is "Douchebag in a cape."
We discuss the identity of the EARTH 2 BATMAN, and plans for a Kryptonian who isn't a total d@#$.
The high-profile pairing will take up SUPERMAN creative duty sometime this summer.
A reported new super creative team for one of DC's flagship characters includes an artist known only mostly his Marvel Comics work.
Take a look back at the last week with the Best Shots crew and the big column.
In this latest chapter of 'Gothtopia,' the inmates are running the asylum.
We know Lex winds up with the League, but we still gotta find out how he gets there...
SUPERMAN's sort of in the news today, what better time to check out an ACTION COMICS preview.
We now know for sure who will be the main supervillain in 2016's MAN OF STEEL sequel. What better time to countdown Superman's greatest villains.
An exclusive preview of the final issue for you Dark Knight-fans who like your pencils and inks pure.
There were some great books this week, with reviews galore - then there were two that scored our lowest possible score.
That's four DC Comics pilots ordered for the fall of 2014, folks!
We know TED KORD is coming back in JUSTICE LEAGUE. Is the other half of 'Blue & Gold' soon to follow?
Take a look at a variety of titles from Marvel, DC, Image, and more in this day-of-release review column.
The BATMAN writer talks about the return of the Vertigo series after a year's hiatus and a 10 year jump or the characters.