It's time for the quick column! Ready set read!
Take a look at what you'll find at your local comic shop for DC's Batman Day celebration in July.
Non-edited, non-doctored, no special effects, and wow, he still likes like a superhero in this video.
Newsarama takes an exclusive look at four more BATMAN 75th Anniversary variant covers.
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It's the final corps, and we have them here. RISE!
Here's an exclusive first look at four variant covers for July's SUPERMAN UNCHAINED #7, along with a variant for DETECTIVE COMIS #33
Yes, Arkham Knight is moving to 2015, opening up your October ever so slightly, but here's some new Batmobile action.
Take a look at last week's titles with the Best Shots crew and find out why they say Futures End is only for the hardcore DC fan.
Meghan Hetrick is selling what she says is the original unpublished art for Nightwing #30 via an online store, showing how the story might have bee...
Series co-writer Jimmy Palmiotti talks about Harley's upcoming Comic-Con International special and her Futures End destination wedding with the Joker.
Meet the individual members (and their cards) of the White Lantern Corps, the wielders of all light.
Red Lanterns gets some newly designed members as Guy Gardner's "good" Lanterns battle Atrocitus and his rage Lanterns in "Atrocities," which leads ...
Take a look at the quickie reviews of this week's books, including five Image books, plus Marvel and DC selections!
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New SUPERBOY writer Aaron Kuber talks about rehabilitating Jon Lane Kent as the series heads for its August conclusion.
ZERO YEAR – SAVAGE CITY part 2 hits this week and here's a preview of the first four pages.
The high-profile new SUPERMAN creative team talk