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Dark Horse has revealed its list of titles shipping in January and beyond.
The west coast publisher promises news and new series in this Friday morning panel.
Dark Horse announces a new Lara Croft series by writer Mariko Tamaki an an as-yet-unknown artist.
Dark Horse to once again present a futuristic take on LONE WOLF & CUB.
Dark Horse begins NYCC focusing on its writers and artists and their original stories.
Dark Horse to collect and reprint some of Jean Giraud's best works in new hardcover volumes.
Dark Horse to begin selling its single issues same-day-digital on Amazon Kindle, Apple iBooks, Barnes & Noble NOOK, Comixology, and Google Play.
In 2016, Dark Horse will republish SIN CITY: THE HARD GOODBYE in a new deluxe edition.
Check out a preview of THIS DAMNED BAND #3 from Dark Horse.
The Oregon-based publisher announces new role for Scott Allie, and the hiring of another.
Dark Horse has revealed its list of titles shipping in December and beyond.
BERSERK manga-ka Kentaro Miura returns with a apocalyptic new series mixing magic with MAD MAX called GIGANTO MAXIA.
Check out a preview of PLANTS VS. ZOMBIES #4: GROWN SWEET HOME from Dark Horse.
Dark Horse has revealed its list of titles shipping in November and beyond.
Matt Kindt dons scuba gear (for real) in search of inspiration for his next creator-owned series.
Newsarama talks to Larry Hama about his upcoming comic book adaptation of Call Of Duty: Black Ops III.
Paul Tobin talks about his new Dark Horse series featuring a detective who knows the answer to everything except her past.
The housewife/hitwoman Josie Schuller returns in a new LADY KILLER series from Joëlle Jones.