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Both artists have been active on social media teasing ties to working on Marvel books focused on Venom and Daredevil.
John Bernthal has been cast as the Punisher in the second season of Netflix's Daredevil.
Also Dylan Bruce Joins the cast of Heroes Reborn, a pair of fan-made Daredevil credits sequences hit the web, and WWE's Stardust has a run in with ...
Kevin Spacey and Charlie Cox sit down for a joint interview for Netflix's The Originals.
Daredevil has topped the list of ratings for Netflix's original series, and Hasbro is set to kick off a partnership with Vimeo to put many of their...
DAREDEVIL season 2 coming in early 2016, IRON MAN gets in a lawsuit over his suits, and 50 Cent wants to cash in as a Marvel superhero.
As DAREDEVIL's comic series comes to a close, ARROW showrunner MARC GUGGENHEIM goes swinging in an old-school Daredevil story.
Marvel is currently filming AKA JESSICA JONES for Netflix, and photos circulated online appear to show Mike Colter's debut as Luke Cage and David T...
Netflix announces it will launch a new audio description service for visually impaired beginning with Marvel's DAREDEVIL.
With DAREDEVIL now available on Netflix, Marvel has released the television series' opening titles on Youtube.
After a leak, a tease, and the release of the full first season, Netflix releases a new shot of Charlie Cox in the definitive Daredevil costume.
Avengers: Age of Ultron gets the VHS treatment, and a new infographic explores the many looks of Daredevil.
A new motion poster hits on Daredevil's religious roots while a TV spot focuses on Kingpin.
Two new trailers for Netflix's Daredevil hit the web this week, meanwhile Charlie Cox and Vincent D'Onofrio took to Reddit's AMA forum to answer qu...
Netflix has released a new video package for DAREDEVIL, showing more of DD's ensemble cast as well as first mention of THE DEFENDERS.
The showrunner of Marvel Studios & Netflix's DAREDEVIL, Steven DeKnight, talks about his hopes for a PUNISHER series spinning out of DAREDEVIL.
Character posters for Marvel/Netflix's DAREDEVIL characters Foggy Nelson, Karen Page, Matt Murdock, Claire Temple and Wilson Fisk.
Warren Ellis revealed on Tumblr that he has signed on for a new project at Marvel.