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Netflix has released a new video package for DAREDEVIL, showing more of DD's ensemble cast as well as first mention of THE DEFENDERS.
The showrunner of Marvel Studios & Netflix's DAREDEVIL, Steven DeKnight, talks about his hopes for a PUNISHER series spinning out of DAREDEVIL.
Character posters for Marvel/Netflix's DAREDEVIL characters Foggy Nelson, Karen Page, Matt Murdock, Claire Temple and Wilson Fisk.
Warren Ellis revealed on Tumblr that he has signed on for a new project at Marvel.
Marvel Studios released a new promotional video for the forthcoming DAREDEVIL series on Netflix.
Marvel releases a new "motion poster" for the DAREDEVIL television series on Netflix.
Less than a month before the debut of its first season, Marvel announces six more actors and their roles for DAREDEVIL at Netflix.
The second trailer for Netflix's DAREDEVIL showcases Kingpin vs. Daredevil.
Hawkeye joins Captain America: Civil War, while on the DC side, Gotham casts its Lucius Fox, and back at Marvel, more details on Netflix's Daredevi...
Marvel has unveiled a new teaser image for it's upcoming Daredevil series from Netflix.
Marc Guggenheim and Peter Krause pair up, and Chris Samnee writes and draws one of his own!
All that, and DAREDEVIL #11 and Dan Abnett's HE-MAN: ETERNITY WAR #1!
Marvel TV head Jeph Loeb says series profiles "rise of the hero and the rise of the villain".
An unverified report from the set points to a Daredevil costume based on one of Brian Michael Bendis' stories.
What's coming in Daredevil? We'll find out during this panel!
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