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Comic Books are life // We kid because we care, man // Hope we make you laugh
Damn Dirty Comics returns with recaps of Batman: The Return, Spider-Girl #1, and much more!
Oh great Odin, who allowed this to happen? The DAMN DIRTY column is back, in an all-new, all-different ongoing series of irreverent recaps!
What, you thought there'd only be Zombies today? No way, it's time for the gods of Marvel's Norse Pantheon to get it too!
Yowza! 8 titles recapped, and a huge development in Blackest Night! Get your Spoileriffic summaries right here!
The Blackest Night shows no signs of slowing down, even as it approaches a new dawn. Recaps of all your BN tie-ins, right here!
The SIEGE is in full steam ahead mode, and we have summaries of every tie-in right here for you!
Lucas and Troy are back with recaps of TEN Blackest Night tie-ins! Read on!
Troy and Lucas are ready to take on the SIEGE of Asgard, with a new irreverent recap column, in the vein of SKRULLS & ZOMBIES
Well, you can't have an event without events, and these 4 issues were pretty eventful. Death, kidnapping & more inside
Lucas and Troy have four fresh recaps; and this time, a LOT has happened. Join The Flash, the Color Guard, & more. Now!
It's a one-book week in the Blackest Night realm, but it's THE book, so we're here for your recap. Plus, a special guest!
The Damn Dirty Zombies have continued their infiltration of the DCU, eating hearts and regrowing heads
Lucas & Troy have all the hits, misses, and face-punching-off action from the last two weeks of Blackest Night
Green Lantern Corps, Blackest Night, BN: Batman, and... Tiny Titans? It's Zombie-rific!
In this second installment, we learn to fear Adam Schlagman. Oh, and get our butts kicked by BL Martian Manhunter!