EXPLORE Comics in Chicago

A full list of all of Newsarama's coverage of the 2008 Wizardworld: Chicago convention.
Brian Bendis and others held court in Chicago, teasing Secret Warriors, Spider-Woman, and more
Marvel announced a new Secret Warriors and more series at their WizardWorld Secret Invasion panel
Rick Remender will write The Corps series at Devil's Due, and he tells us all about it
Loads of Guests, and a run-down of all the Final Crisis related projects and more at Chicago - and what was that about the Flash?
A somber mood overtook the Dynamite Panel at Chicago, through news of Project Superpowers' expansion and more was shared
Ghost Rider writer Jason Aaron tells us all about the meeting of Danny Ketch and Johnny Blaze - and the pyrotechnics that ensure
Dynamite Entertainment has acquired the rights to publish The Phantom in comics, with Alex Ross attached
Dynamite has acquired the rights to produce a new Judge Dredd series, with Garth Ennis and John Wagner attached
Writer Chris Yost and Editor Daniel Ketchum talk to Newsarama about the coming Storm miniseries, how it will bring her back to the X-Men and more
The X-Men are moving to San Francisco...but Wolverine's not wanted in Chinatown. What gives? Jason Aaron tells us about Wolverine: Manifest Destiny
Brian Bendis and Geoff Johns hosted an informal Marvel/DC panel at WizardWorld Chicago which saw creators from both sides extolling the virtues of ...
Warren Ellis entertained, swore, drank and smoked his way through a couple of hours with an audience at Wizard World Chicago
We've got a full report from Chicago's Mondo Marvel panel with news about Abnett and Lanning's Exclusive, Storm's miniseries, Ghost Rider News, Wh...
Artist Luke Ross is now exclusive to Marvel Comics, and will be working on Captain America - we chatted.
At its Mondo Marvel panel, Marvel released a new teaser image for a 2009 project...and it's still a mystery
We caught up with Teen and Terror Titans writer Sean McKeever in Chicago to talk about issue #60's changes, and what's to come
The Hero Initiative will display all 100 Hulk Covers at WW: Chicago, along with the "Hulk Bottle" in it's Green Room