EXPLORE Comics in Chicago

Marvel's latest digital initiatives, like new Infinite Comics and Project Gamma, are discussed at their first panel of the con
When a 12 year old says he wants to start his own Comic-Con people think he's crazy. 5 years later when he does it, we check it out!
Newsarama columnist Jill Pantozzi has come back from C2E2 with plenty of pictures of costumed characters.
Jill has returned from this past week's C2E2 convention in Chicago with photos and stories of big-name interviews
Brian Michael Bendis, David Liss and more assembled at C2E2 for Marvel's final panel of the Chicago convention
Brian Michael Bendis, Matt Fraction and more talk the latest on AVENGERS, THOR, INVINCIBLE IRON MAN and more in Chicago
Comic book rule: If there's a convention, there's a DC Nation panel, led by Dan Didio. C2E2 2011 is no exception
Information on "The Dark Angel Saga" in UNCANNY X-FORCE, and more, is on the agenda at Marvel's X-Men panel
With the movie mere months away and "War of the Green Lanterns" on the horizon, there's plenty to talk about
"How do you break in?" is an ever-popular convention question, and Marvel aimed to answer with their first C2E2 2011 panel
Marvel's newest C2E2 promises the reveal of the creative team for the previously announced DAREDEVIL ongoing series
Marvel's latest teaser for this weekend's C2E2 convention is the impending reveal of the PUNISHER creative team
Mike Mignola had a spotlight panel at C2E2, and we have all the details, including some new plans and confirmations of rumors
Aspen continues their convention season for 2010 with a stop in Chicago for C2E2 and a new run of con prints
With successful retailer summits across the country, Diamond is now teaming up with Reed Exhibitions for one in Chicago
Aspen has a fresh round of exclusive prints, signings, and panel plans for Wizard Chicago this year
Amazing Fantasy Books and Comics has David Lloyd coming in for a signing/sketching, details inside
Dave McKean will have an appearance at Chicago's Portage Theater for a special two-day event