EXPLORE Comic Con 2008

Mark Waid explains the reasoning behind his controversial speech where he mentioned bringing down the price point down to 99 cents for digital comics.
Writer Garth Ennis talks to Newsarama about the history behind Battlefields and The Boys @ NYCC 2010.
Richard Hatch (Original Apollo, Tom Zarek) talks about his roles on Battlestar Galactica over the years and takes a look forward for things to come.
The "Best Couple in Comics" Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti talk to Newsarama about Amanda's upcoming covers, Power Girl's future possibilities, ...
Creator/Writer Garth Ennis talks to Newsarama about his dark "zombie" tale "Crossed" and where he drew his inspiration from for the book.
Writer Paul Levitz talks to Newsarama about the online fan vote for the Legion of Super-Heroes new leader (Oct 20 - Nov 10, 2010) as well as whats ...
Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning talk Heroes for Hire and Rocket Raccoon and Groot at NY Comic Con 2010.
Todd McFarlane gives Newsarama an update on the new Spawn Movie and talks about working on Haunt with Robert Kirkman at NYCC 2010.
Writer Gail Simone talks to Newsarama about her popular Birds of Prey series at NYCC 2010.
Green Lantern movie writer, Marc Guggenheim, talks about the film's production and rumors @ NYCC 2010.
Christos Gage talks to Newsarama about writing the new Captain America: Super Soldier game at NYCC 2010.
Writer Christos Gage gives Newsarama the latest update on Avengers Academy, Sunset, Absolution and G.I. Joe: Cobra @ NYCC 2010.
Writer and Boom Studio's CCO Mark Waid talks to Newsarama's Justin Tyler and Alex Zalben about Amazing Spider-Man and Irredeemable at NYCC 2010.
Writer Brian Michael Bendis talks with Newsarama about Ultimate Spider-Man and Moon Knight at NYCC 2010.
Writer Brian Michael Bendis talks to Newsarama about the popular announcement of Squirrel Girl becoming the new nanny in New Avengers.
Marvel Comics' Editor-In-Chief Joe Quesada talks to Newsarama about Marvel's take on lowering prices on comics.
DC Comics' co-publishers Jim Lee and Dan DIDio talk to Newsarama about the new $2.99 price point and its impact on the books at NYCC 2010.
Check out our LIVE coverage of DC Universe Online's panel with Jim Lee and Sony Online Entertainment at New York Comic Con 2010