EXPLORE Comic Con 2008

Its baaa-aaack. Comic-Con 2012 kicks off this week. Here are 10 things we expect to hear about this weekend.
Marvel is teasing a new POINT ONE project, announced this week at Comic-Con and apparently featuring the Nick Fury
What's coming for Spider-Man this fall, being announced at Comic-Con International? Click through for a big hint!
Ahead of SDCC, Dark Horse is showing off a new BALTIMORE story, and Christopher Golden gives us the exclusive first look.
It's almost time to head to San Diego for the biggest show of the year, and programming is now out for all four days
When a 12 year old says he wants to start his own Comic-Con people think he's crazy. 5 years later when he does it, we check it out!
Find out what's to come from the latest wave of talented Vertigo Comics creators in this panel report from C2E2.
Ready for the rebirth of Valiant Comics? You will be after this panel from C2E2!
Want more details about the big Before Watchmen project? We have you covered with a panel featuring several of the creators involved!
Join us for a look into DC's New 52 with hints at what's to come for their big relaunched universe!
Hear all about the latest in Spidey news from no less of a source than AMAZING SPIDER-MAN writer Dan Slott (and more)
Mark Waid is launching a new creator-owned digital comics website, and we have the first details from C2E2 here!
Join Scott Snyder, David Finch, and DC Editors as they talk about the current and future storylines at DC Comics at C2E2 2012.
Marvel is diving full force into the digital arena with Infinite Comics and Marvel AR, and we have the latest from C2E2 here.
Newsarama is LIVE with Dark Horse at C2E2 for announcements and updates on Hellboy, Star Wars, and much more!
DC Direct is now DC Collectibles, and we're LIVE with Geoff Johns, CCO of DC Entertainment talking about the changes.
So, is Morgan Spurlock's Comic-Con documentary really a fan's hope? Not so much, says Seth Robison in this review.
With six and a half months of the relaunch behind us, what's the next step for DC's New 52? Find out in this WonderCon 2012 panel!