EXPLORE Comic Con 2008

Comic-Con International has issued a statement following reports that 20th Century Fox pulling out of Hall H presentations at SDCC.
20th Century Fox may not participate in any major media presentations at Comic-Con International: San Diego anymore.
Disney's bi-annual convention coming less than a week and a day's drive from SDCC.
Lionsgate has announced plans to launch COMIC-CON HQ, a comic book themed on demand streaming service, on May 7.
And the chances of them launching a convention in California.
Newsarama talked with the cast of GOTHAM about the new season.
Another NYCC is in the books, and here's 10 of the most pertinent pieces of comic/movie/TV/game news coming out of the Big Apple.
The creators of HARLEY QUINN, BATMAN, BATGIRL and more come to NYCC.
Marvel's burdgeoning animation division comes to NYCC to talk about future plans.
Learn what's next with "All-New All-Different Marvel."
The west coast publisher promises news and new series in this Friday morning panel.
Marvel debuts at it's hometown convention.
Hasbro reveals new STAR WARS toys -- including a FORCE AWAKENS Han Solo.
Hasbro goes into detail about their recent and upcoming releases relating to STAR WARS.
LexCorp wants you to use their Wi-Fi -- what could go wrong?
Marvel has premiered some of its exclusive collectibles for New York Comic Con.