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Here's a look at images from Nov. 14th's episode of Cartoon Network's new 'Batman: Brave & Bold' animated series
In this latest Animated Shorts, Steve Fritz speaks with the voice star of Cartoon Network's new series The Brave & the Bold
Tonight's Clone Wars episode launches a two-part storyline, and Steve takes a look inside 'Downfall of a Droid'
Cartoon Network's Adult Swim will begin at 10pm seven nights a week, and the network imprint has also landed King of the Hill
Steve talks to Batman: The Brave and the Bold director Ben Jones about the start of the new series, the inspiration for the look, and much more
Batman: The Brave and the Bold story editor and Producer Michael Jelenic sits down with Steve to talk about the new Batman 'toon guest-starring... ...
Steve talks with Dee Bradley Baker, the voice of all the Clone Troopers in Star Wars: The Clone Wars now airing on Cartoon Network
Cartoon Network's Batman: The Brave and the Bold will debut November 14th at 7:30pm with an episode teaming Batman and the Blue Beetle
The three-episode "Malevolence" mini-arc wraps this evening on Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and Steve takes a look
Steve checks in on the ongoing Clone wars storyline which features Jedi General Plo Koon, Ahsoka, Anakin and the Ion Cannon
Max Atoms is wrapping up a long run at Cartoon Network this Sunday with an "Underfist" special. Steve spoke with the creator about it
Steve talks with Jay Stephens about his new series, Secret Saturdays, which debuts this Friday on Cartoon Network
Steve finishes up New York's Anime Fest, with word that anime will soon return to Cartoon Network and Adult Swim, and more news
Cartoon Network and Del Rey Manga have announced a new partnership which will see manga based on Bakugan and Ben 10: Alien Force
Steve talks to Superjail creators Christy Karakas and Stephen Warbrick about what possibly may be the most twisted show [AS] has ever shown.
Steve takes a look at Fox's Animation line-up coming on Sundays, as well as looks at the death of Cartoon Network's Toonami block
Our series leading up to the premiere of Cartoon Network's animated 'Clone War' series continues
Steve continues his conversation with Star Wars: Clone Wars writer Henry Gilroy, this time talking about George Lucas' invovlement, the series bibl...