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Steve finishes up New York's Anime Fest, with word that anime will soon return to Cartoon Network and Adult Swim, and more news
Cartoon Network and Del Rey Manga have announced a new partnership which will see manga based on Bakugan and Ben 10: Alien Force
Steve talks to Superjail creators Christy Karakas and Stephen Warbrick about what possibly may be the most twisted show [AS] has ever shown.
Steve takes a look at Fox's Animation line-up coming on Sundays, as well as looks at the death of Cartoon Network's Toonami block
Our series leading up to the premiere of Cartoon Network's animated 'Clone War' series continues
Steve continues his conversation with Star Wars: Clone Wars writer Henry Gilroy, this time talking about George Lucas' invovlement, the series bibl...
In our continuing look at the animated Star Wars: The Clone Wars, we talk to series writer Henry Gilroy about his street cred with the Force, and h...
Cartoon Network has announced that animated Star Wars: The Clone Wars series will debut on the network on October 3rd, highlighting a new Friday ni...
Rounding out the trio of projects picked up by Cartoon Network, we spoke with Phil Hester and Andy Kuhn about Firebreather becoming a cartoon
Chuck Dixon stops by to tell us about how The Vanishers got picked up for a live-action movie by Cartoon Network.
With the announcement of Cartoon Network picking up Mice Templar, we spoke with the comics' creators Mike Oeming and Bryan Glass about the deal
Cartoon Network gathered fans to discuss the upcoming Batman: The Brave and the Bold animated series Friday at Comic-Con
Cartoon Network: FusionFall Takes Kids on 3D Online Adventure to Defend the Cartoon Network Universe.
Fan-favorite Book Titles Amplify the Network's Slate of Original Movies
Cartoon Network has announced that Fridays will be its big day starting this fall with Clone Wars and Brave and the Bold calling hte night home
Steve Fritz reviews the controversial DVD collection of the second season of Aaron McGruder's 'The Boondocks'
Steve looks at The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack, the new series on CN
Creator Jackson Publick isn't the slightest bit afraid of telling you what's going to happen; way, way in advance; and whether you are going to lik...