EXPLORE Captain America

The Best Shots bunch has quick takes on ten of this week's comics, including CAPTAIN AMERICA and WONDER WOMAN
Check out unlettered finished art pages of Jeff Mace's early adventures in Marvel's Captain America: Patriot
Paramount has released 3 short videos from their Thor, Captain America and Avengers panels at Comic-Con
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After more than a decade, Mark Waid returns to Captain America with five-issue miniseries MAN OUT OF TIME
This fall, Bucky's past catches up with him thanks to Baron Zemo in the five-part TRIAL OF CAPTAIN AMERICA
Atomic Robo creator Brian Clevinger and art team Gurihiru travel to WWII for the continuity-free CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIGHTING AVENGER
Jonathan Maberry and a rotating team of artists explore a decades-long conflict in CAPTAIN AMERICA: HAIL HYDRA
Marvel's powerful trio of heroes continues their journey through other dimensions in this lead-in to the future of Thor
Actor Stanley Tucci will develop the Super Soldier Serum and make Steve Rogers the ultimate fighting American in next summer's movie.
Writer Roger Sterns goes back in time to remind Marvel readers when Captain America was Bucky in FOREVER ALLIES
Steve Rogers: Super Soldier #1 has two David Finch variants, and we have your first look right here
Chris Evans has gone from flaming on to telekinetically pushing, and now to wielding the shield
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