EXPLORE C2E2 2011 Coverage Index

Following the preview screening of Batman: Gotham Knight a host of writers and producers discussed the project with fans
Dan DiDio once again hosted his Sunday conversation with fans and fellow creators about what they dig about comics, how they got in, and what keeps...
Devil's Due teased all things coming, from Vampire Hunter D to Halloween, and everything in between
It was "church time" for Marvel fans Sunday afternoon at WizardWorld as Marvel editors and fans met to compare histories and air greivances
Steve Sansweet discussed Clone Wars, The Force Unleashed, Indiana Jones and more at Chicago
Avatar Press held its panel on Sunday morning at WizardWorld, and William Christiansen teased Crossed, upcoming collections, Christos Gage and more
Top Cow teased it's upcoming projects in Chicago, including Broken Trinity, Oeming on Darkness, and more
We speak briefly with Jonathan Hickman - the just-named co-writer of Marvel's upcoming Secret Warriors series
We speak with Billy Tan, Matt Banning and editor Tom Brevoort about the art coming up on New Avengers
We've pulled out the movie news from Top Cow's Chicago panel: they're waiting for Wanted 2 confirmation, and Witchblade has a director
We corner the editors on the 2008 What If? specials coming from Marvel and take a trip behind the curtain
Greg Rucka, Gail Simone and Aaoron Lopresit all gathered in Chicago to talk about the appeal and endurance of Wonder Woman
Devil's Due announced at Chicago that it will be publishing an Americanized version of Vampire Hunter D, entitled American Wasteland
A full list of all of Newsarama's coverage of the 2008 Wizardworld: Chicago convention.
Brian Bendis and others held court in Chicago, teasing Secret Warriors, Spider-Woman, and more
Marvel announced a new Secret Warriors and more series at their WizardWorld Secret Invasion panel
Rick Remender will write The Corps series at Devil's Due, and he tells us all about it
Loads of Guests, and a run-down of all the Final Crisis related projects and more at Chicago - and what was that about the Flash?