EXPLORE C2E2 2011 Coverage Index

Marvel's latest digital initiatives, like new Infinite Comics and Project Gamma, are discussed at their first panel of the con
When a 12 year old says he wants to start his own Comic-Con people think he's crazy. 5 years later when he does it, we check it out!
Newsarama talks to Jeph Loeb about Marvel TV at C2E2 2011.
Newsarama columnist Jill Pantozzi has come back from C2E2 with plenty of pictures of costumed characters.
Jill has returned from this past week's C2E2 convention in Chicago with photos and stories of big-name interviews
Bill Willingham had an "intimate conversation" panel looking back on 100 issues of Fables at C2E2, & we were there.
A new John Ostrander Star Wars title was announced this weekend at C2E2, along with teases for their other books in this 20th year of publishing them.
The future of digital delivery comics is one of the most important facing the industry and it was up for discussion and debate at C2E2 2011.
Seth Robison has the report on the True Blood Panel at C2E2, complete with fresh new teases for next season!
All of preview images from Marvel's NEXT BIG THING panel Sunday afternoon from C2E2 2011.
Brian Michael Bendis, David Liss and more assembled at C2E2 for Marvel's final panel of the Chicago convention
Geoff John's BRIGHTEST DAY is heading for its conclusion and a new limited series. DC's talks about it in C2E2.
What does the "edgiest imprint" have in store for 2011? Turns out, quite a bit! Read the full report from C2E2 here.
Jeph Loeb hosts a C2E2-exclusive look at upcoming Marvel Animation projects, including Iron Man Anime.
Brian Michael Bendis, Matt Fraction and more talk the latest on AVENGERS, THOR, INVINCIBLE IRON MAN and more in Chicago
It's a bonafide smash-TV hit. Walking Dead castmembers Laurie Holden & Jonathan Bernthal hit C2E2 for a Q&A.
Chris Hemsworth, aka the big-screen Thor the God of Thunder, is at C2E2 2011 for a special Q&A and we're there LIVE!
Comic book rule: If there's a convention, there's a DC Nation panel, led by Dan Didio. C2E2 2011 is no exception