The Best Shots crew has early looks at books from BOOM!, Dynamite, IDW, Top Cow, and Archaia for you this week!
Zeus was always a ladies' man, but some of his kids will surprise readers; and they're all banding together in this OGN
In this week's column, Jill takes a look at the offerings of a favorite indie company, Archaia Comics, & tells you why you should too
Mouse Guard's David Petersen opens the gates of his fantasy world to allow other artists to tell Legends of the Guard
Genre stars Zachary Quinto and Michael McMillian have a comic coming with Archaia, featuring magic-wielding secret agents
Jim McCann and Janet K. Lee's Dapper Men has an exclusive print at Heroes Con this weekend, promoting the Archaia book
Archaia has more all-ages reads and mature titles, with series starting, series ending, and OGNs
Archaia's Fraggle Rock #1 has sold out at the distributor level, and #2 is close to it!
Writer Nick Tapalansky talks about Archaia's Zombie "Awakening" at C2E2 2010.
Artist Janet Lee talks about using decoupage art (cutting out pictures and pasting them) in her most recent work, Archaia's The Return of the Dappe...
Archaia has new collections, new issues, and even an all-new title coming this summer!
It's before noon, so that's still advance right? Here's a few indie selections for this week, in stores today!
Dance your cares away with this preview of FRAGGLE ROCK #1 from Archaia!
Archaia's latest graphic novel announcement asks, what if you could vaccinate against evil itself?
Archaia may be a small publisher, but they have TONS of big news coming out of C2E2 this weekend!
Archaia is hoping the cult following of Jim Henson's FRAGGLE ROCK is still alive and well, and shows up at Free Comic Book Day
Our Days Missing interviews "draw" to a close with artist Frazer Irving talking about bringing The Steward to life
Writer Phil Hester, who told the first and last stories of The Steward in Days Missing, talks about the character & the coming HC