EXPLORE An Oral History of CAPTAIN MARVEL, The Series

Carol Danvers got the very unwelcome news in issue #9 that she can no longer fly ? but will she follow that order?
The DC comics' writer and chief creative officer talks JUSTICE LEAGUE, SHAZAM and more.
New fresh rumors have Ms. Marvel as the next member of the AVENGERS. But who might play her?
With an all-female X-MEN book coming in May, we wonder what a speculative companion book might look for Earth's Mightiest Heroes
We analyze JUSTICE LEAGUE #0, which hints about the state of magic in the New 52 DCU, the nature of Pandora and intros The Question.
It's a double-shot of day-of reviews: JUSTICE LEAGUE #0, and the mainstream news-worthy ULTIMATE COMICS ULTIMATES #15
We have previews of CAPTAIN MARVEL #2, UNCANNY X-FORCE #29, and much more right here!
We have previews of CAPTAIN MARVEL #2, UNCANNY X-FORCE #29, and much more right here!
Spider-Man & the newly promoted Captain Marvel team-up in this exclusive preview of AVENGING SPIDER-MAN #10.
We talk to Marvel executive editor Tom Brevoort about Captain Marvel's apparent return to the living, plus more on AvX
Carol Danvers is CAPTAIN MARVEL as of July, and here's a look at the first issue by Kelly Sue DeConnick and Dexter Soy.
Kelly Sue DeConnick and Terry Dodson talk their upcoming Peter Parker/Carol Danvers team-up story, starting in July
Captain Marvel reborn? Right in the middle of AVENGERS VS. X-MEN? Gaze into the near future of SECRET AVENGERS.
AVENGERS VS. X-MEN is shaping up to not be quite that simple here are a few characters who could switch sides and make a big impact
Carol Danvers has a new alias and a new look, and artist Jamie McKelvie discusses what went into his character design
Kelly Sue DeConnick talks about the new ongoing series, and why it's important for Carol Danvers to take the role
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