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What if you discovered all the evil on Earth wasn't caused by Satan, but was instead a creation of God?
Aspen's Vince Hernandez shares a look at the publisher's upcoming projects for 2009, from Executive Assistant Iris to a return of Soulfire
Aspen, MLT has provided Newsarama with a first look at their New York Comic Con exclusive covers
The final issue of Aspen's Shrugged has been, admittedly, a bit late. Months late. Aspen has explained and provided us with a peek inside
Aspen, MLT has provided Newsarama with a look inside this week's Shrugged #1
Aspen has provided Newsarama with previews of Soulfire: Shadow Magic #2 and #3
Aspen MLT has provided Newsarama with an exclusive peek at this week's Soulfire: Shadow Magic #1
A product of the outpouring of emotion over his passing in June, Aspen's Michael Turner tribute book ships next week
Aspen's Vince Hernandez tells us about the upcoming Soulfire: Shadow Magic storyline, and where things are still heading with the property
The 'net is lit up with Fathom/Megan Fox rumors. What does Fathom publisher Aspen have to say on the topic?
As we announced last week, Joe Benitez will complete Michael Turner's Soulfire at Aspen, MLT; and today we talk to the artist about the gig
Aspen has announced a Michael Turner Tribute Book coming in November, and confirms for Newsarama that Joe Benitez will complete Turner's Soulfire
Aspen MLT has provided Newsarama with an exclusive preview of Fathom volume 3 #2
We spoke with Aspen Studios' Vince Hernandez to discuss the studios' future without its founder Michael Turner.
Aspen MLT has announced its exclusive books for San Diego, including covers honoring Mike Turner
Aspen MLT has announced Sunday plans to remember Mike Turner at next week's San Diego Comic Con
Comic book professionals remember the life and work of artist Michael Turner
Wizard World Chicago is pausing today to remember Michael Turner, and tributes are planned