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Courtesy of Aspen, here's an advance look at Dellec #3, as the story continues to take Aspen down an all-new path
Read the ENTIRE first issue of Soulfire Vol. 2 for free, right here on Newsarama!
Aspen has two new books coming in April 2010, and we have the first look for you right here!
Aspen sent us this image of their namesake character and only a couple of lines of text...
The penultimate issue arrives next Wednesday, and we have your exclusive look at the book that made Aspen what it is!
Marc Andreyko stops in on Aspen's anthology series to tell a tale of KIANI, the heroine from Fathom.
Executive Assistant Iris is coming to a close, but the biggest action was saved for the last issue. Here's the full cover!
Courtesy of Aspen Ltd, we bring you a preview of the triumphant return of Michael Turner's SOULFIRE
Aspen's attending the first annual Long Beach Comic Con, and their programming and exclusive plans are inside
Aspen is handing the reins of Soulfire to JT Krul and Marcus To for an all new second volume, which they say will be delay-free!
Courtesy of Aspen, we have both covers to Soulfire Vol. 2 #3, the continuation of the late Michael Turner's project.
Courtesy of Aspen, Newsarama presents the entire first issue of Executive Assistant Iris free of charge
Aspen has provided a preview of Iris #3, with an exclusive look at the Long Beach cover & more pages
Aspen has provided us the complete first issue of DELLEC right here, for your free reading enjoyment!
Aspen has a fresh batch of convention exclusives for Toronto Fan Expo this weekend, check them out inside!
The newly announced ongoing artist for Red Robin, Aspen's Marcus To, had a chat with us about his start on the book
Aspen has a fresh round of exclusive prints, signings, and panel plans for Wizard Chicago this year
Aspen gathered their fans at Comic-Con and revealed news of a Soulfire big screen movie produced by Gale Ann Hurd